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Review requirements for English degrees and accredited schools in Requirements for a doctorate in English differ between school programs, but usually a written and oral exam are required. You may also write a dissertation based on your area of expertise or study. English Graduate Programs: An Overview English Graduate Programs look at the major authors, periods, and genres in literature and analyze skillful ways to apply literary criticism. Beyond essential linguistic and literary competency, English Graduate Programs could challenge students to think analytically, read closely, and write clearly. Find A PhD. Search Funded PhD Projects, Programs & Scholarships in english literature in the UK. Search for PhD funding, scholarships & studentships in the UK, Europe and around the world.

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Apply Now. Request Information. Student Handbook. The PhD in English literature program at ASU emphasizes the study of literary texts in their cultural and historical contexts, english literature phd programs, as well as on these texts' production, distribution and reception. Broadly defining "text" to include folklore, oral traditions, popular culture, and film and digital media in addition to traditional literature, the program also explores various modes of inquiry such as linguistic, rhetorical, aesthetic, philosophic, and economic analysis, along with issues of race, ethnicity, race, gender, ecology, health and more.

Piper Center for Creative Writing. With these resources and a strong mentorship program at their fingertips, our graduates are prepared for a wide array of professional opportunities including careers in college teaching, research, writing, editing, higher education, and humanities-related organizations. This hour program requires hours english literature phd programs coursework and research including 12 hours of dissertation.

PhD examination includes one essay, an oral exam and a prospectus, english literature phd programs. There is a language requirement. The ideal candidate will have research interests in the production, distribution and reception of texts, their linguistic, rhetorical and literary structures and functions.

The GRE is not required. All applications for admission to the program must be approved by the doctoral admissions committee in the Department of English and by the Graduate College. There are several requirements for admission, none of which will be arbitrarily disregarded, and the best applicants will meet english literature phd programs exceed all of these criteria.

However, the admissions committee will consider the individual aspects of each application. Graduate faculty provided significant feedback on my writing and were always available to meet to discuss a paper or project or to provide advice about the job market. From talking with grad students at other programs, I've learned that this level of support is rare and I truly appreciate and value the relationships I've developed and the experiences I've had at ASU.

Beyond a variety of class offerings and supportive faculty relationships, the English department sponsors numerous faculty projects, interdisciplinary collaborations, guest speaker series, department-sponsored conferences, etc. The PhD program is a total of 84 hours. In general, a student with an appropriate master's english literature phd programs must complete a minimum of 54 credit hours of approved graduate course work, which includes 12 hours of dissertation, english literature phd programs.

Research hours may be used towards course work in consultation with the advisor. A student without an appropriate master's degree usually must complete 84 hours of work at ASU, english literature phd programs. Note: Independent Study courses, i. The PhD in English Literature degree is highly flexible, allowing students to take courses broadly in their areas of interest.

See the graduate catalog for a list of possible courses and descriptions. Familiarizes students with the areas of research. Appropriate courses for filling this requirement must be in the area of the history of criticism, literary theory, rhetorical theory, linguistic theory or cultural theory.

Students wishing to take courses outside the department may count up to 12 hours of those courses toward the degree. Students may take research ENG for the purpose of working independently in preparation for the doctoral examination. Home Undergraduate Graduate Minors and Certificates. Tempe Campus Programs Online Programs. English Film and Media Studies. Sigma Tau Delta. Leadership Faculty Staff Directory. Courses WP Representatives.

Experts List. English LiteraturePhD. Price, PhD Courses in English. ENG Approaches to English literature phd programs 3 credit hours. Theory 6 credit hours. Interdisciplinary Option credit hours.

Seminar 15 credit hours. At least three seminars must be taken in the doctoral program at ASU level, english literature phd programs. Research and Dissertation. Dissertation 12 credit hours : ENG No Preference. My program of interest English LiteraturePhD. My campus of choice is - Select. My start date - Select - Fall Spring Spring. Postal code. Date of birth Your birthday is important! Not only will we send you a birthday message, it helps us keep your information secure as a unique identifier for your online submission.

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english literature phd programs


Find A PhD. Search Funded PhD Projects, Programs & Scholarships in english literature in the UK. Search for PhD funding, scholarships & studentships in the UK, Europe and around the world. Mar 29,  · Fully Funded PhD Programs in English. Mar 29, • Views 57, University of Chicago, Department of English Language and Literature (Chicago, IL): Doctoral students are awarded a five-year fellowship that includes a stipend, full tuition, and health insurance coverage. Students may also apply for research and travel funds. > Programs > Best Online PhD In English; PhD in English. Literature and culture. Students concentrating on an English PhD in world literature or the intersection of history and literature will gain experience with critical theories, reading texts through perspectives that range from feminism to post-colonialism. They will also apply these Author: Staff Writers.