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May 02,  · Case Studies in CSR: Unilever. In addition, the business case for Unilever's progress couldn't be clearer: the plan accounted for half of the company's growth in and grew at twice the rate of the rest of the business, according to the company's chief executive, Paul Polman. May 17,  · will be remembered as the year that corporate social responsibility (CSR) was redefined. Although CSR will always be grounded in business operations – from water conservation to supply chain transparency – recently, the stakes have gotten a lot . This case is about Coca-Cola's corporate social responsibility (CSR) initiatives in India. It details the activities taken up by Coca-Cola India's management and employees to contribute to the society and community in which the company operates. Coca-Cola India being one of the largest beverage companies in India, realized that CSR had to be an integral part of its corporate agenda.

Volkswagen And The Failure Of Corporate Social Responsibility

With software taking over all the complexities of a product, the only way to avoid problems is to go fully transparent, document every step of the csr case studies and embrace open source.

We are talking about an engine here, a lump of metal, not some interpretation or shade of meaning. Volkswagen did all it could to hide the fact that its diesel engines were highly contaminating. How can the head of CSR deny he knew anything about what was going on? The conclusion can only be that for Volkswagen, CSR is a marketing exercise. Once again, we have allowed ourselves to be duped into believing that companies can and will regulate themselves, when of course the sordid reality is that as their actions show, beyond the occasional symbolic act, their sole objective is to maximize profit, and by any means.

The parallels with the tobacco industry are notable, csr case studies, particularly as regards the lies that we are prepared to believe about the effects of our actions: in the same way that may smokers still tell themselves that the smoke they inhale is not dangerous, millions of car drivers prefer to continue belching out dangerous gases so long as their vehicle runs faster and better.

We would rather have a faster car than do something to reduce the tens of thousands of deaths from respiratory diseases each year. The problem with CSR pretty much comes down to this: we are asking companies to self-regulate. Most heads of CSR know this reality, and they know which side their bread is buttered on.

The Volkswagen case shows in stark contrast that we must reinvent CSR. These people will have to be very well paid in return for assuming this responsibility, as well as having budgets that will allow them to develop systems to find out what really goes on in their companies. The Csr case studies crisis highlights the failings of capitalism, of a system that has closed its eyes to the reality of the future, csr case studies, and a clearly unsustainable future.

Are you head of window dressing? Are you prepared to lie, to cover up, or even kill people in return for helping your company make more profits?

Which is more important to you: the sustainability of your company, csr case studies, or that of the planet? Which is of greater value: tens of thousands of deaths from respiratory disease and cancer, csr case studies, or sitting on the throne of the global automobile industry? In short, CSR has failed. What has happened at Volkswagen is so important, so real, that it should spark companies to rethink their priorities and just what the job of their CSR department is.

They need to ask themselves if something like this could happen in their company, because the answer may well be yes. They need to ask if their company is prepared to cheat, lie and kill people in return for the kind csr case studies profits that Volkswagen has made.

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csr case studies


Nov 19,  · The Utrecht Law Review is an open-access peer-reviewed journal which aims to offer an international academic platform for cross-border legal research. In the first place, this concerns research in which the boundaries of the classic branches of the law (private law, criminal law, constitutional and administrative law, European and public international law) are crossed and connections are made. Herewith a collection of international case studies of best practices. We have selected cases from different regions and various industries, to showcase importance of strategy and . CSR Case Studies; Youth Work Ireland: Work To Learn - Work Experience Programme. Work to Learn is a proven, effective work experience programme for young people facing educational and work-readiness challenges,. The programme supports them in finding self-esteem and pathways to work, and it strengthens engagement in education. We are looking to.