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business administration degree plan

Students may follow a general Business Administration degree plan or instead choose a concentration from the following: Business Analytics. Business Economics. Energy Management. Innovation and Entrepreneurship. Insurance. Real Estate Investment Management. Sales. TCC’s degree in business administration is designed for students who plan to transfer to a four-year college or university to pursue a bachelor’s degree program in business administration. Typical majors include accounting, economics, information systems, international business, finance, management, marketing, and public administration. A degree in Business Administration is designed to prepare students to thrive in any environment from small business to international corporations.

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Get a taste of it all. The general business concentration allows students to learn about all traditional business fields through its broad, business administration degree plan, diverse curriculum. Students are required to take advanced accounting, business administration degree plan, economics, finance, marketing and management electives in addition to other required coursework.

Break cultural barriers. The multinational business concentration prepares students to handle the special issues encountered in conducting business across national borders. Students learn how to meet the challenges of language, culture and legal differences that exist when conducting business between two or more countries.

Upon graduation, students are ready to take on roles as liaisons and managers who handle international issues either within the company or between the company and its vendors or customers. The curriculum combines foreign language, government and business courses. Students enrolled in the Multinational Business Business administration degree plan must schedule one of business administration degree plan Study Abroad trips as a requirement of their degree.

If they wish, students may also choose to minor in either French or Spanish. Learn the art of negotiation. The pre-law concentration focuses on the issues that are most important for success in law school and a subsequent business administration degree plan in law.

Although the concentration is designed for students who plan to attend law school, it can also be effective for anyone who is interested in the many areas of business that involve contracts, negotiation and analytical skills. A combination of business and government courses prepares students for future careers as attorneys or as staff members in the legislature or legal departments. For more information on testing dates and sample exam questions, visit the LSAT website. Minor in Business Administration.

Not open to students majoring in the College of Business Administration. Course Descriptions. To return to business administration, use the back button on your browser. General Business Concentration Get a taste of it all. The program best suits: students who have well-defined career goals and objectives that do not fit the traditional lines of study.

Students graduating with a general business concentration will be prepared to handle all aspects of a company, from financial to managerial. This website uses cookies to ensure site visitors get the best experience on our website, business administration degree plan.

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business administration degree plan


A degree in Business Administration is designed to prepare students to thrive in any environment from small business to international corporations. Jan 24,  · Liberty University’s % online Bachelor of Science in Business Administration – Automotive Dealership Management allows you to combine an understanding of business administration with the principles of dealership management and ownership. Business Administration degree studies often focus on specific fields including entrepreneurship, finance, human resource management, information systems, international management, logistics management, marketing, operations management, project management, and public administration.